Welcome at AD-Traductions,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Aurélien Ducloy, I am a freelance translator for Dutch, English and French. 

Translating is a skill – not everyone can do it well. A good translator must have a solid educational background, the necessary experience and, as a consequence, a substantial amount of in-depth knowledge in several areas. A good quality translation should meet several important criteria. It should be a true reproduction of the source text, it should mirror the author’s message and it should be written in the same style as the source text and not read as a translation but as an original document, written by a native speaker who is completely at home with the subject area in question. These criteria should be met for all translations, whether they are legal, medical or technical in nature. 

Only translators who translate into their native language are in a position to produce a translation that is not only a true reproduction of the source text but also one which uses the finer points of that particular language in such a way that the text really connects with the target audience.  

As a result of increasing globalization and the continuous expansion of the European Union, good translations are becoming an absolute must. Furthermore, poor translations can negatively affect a company s ability to successfully break into new markets.  For example, a very literal translation, filled with mistakes, will be hard to read and potentially damaging to a company’s image. 

The work of a translator could be compared to a builder of bridges – their purpose is the same, to connect people . A translator builds bridges between people on opposite sides of a language barrier by improving the exchange of information and also the level of cooperation between them. It is then of paramount importance to hand this function over to a craftsman who has the necessary skills and experience to help you establish a solid and lasting relationship from the very beginning. 

Aurélien Ducloy, freelance translator for English, Dutch and French.